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Our Mission

our mission

A single mission, save the earth and protect the only home we have. The generations to come deserve to enjoy the planet as it was meant to be, as much as we or our predecessors did. It is time to drop our selfish deeds and notions and take responsibility of what was given to us and pass forward a better world to our future generations.

our vision

To achieve a comprehensive perspective of the impact of climate change and find solutions to protect our future. Our vision is to spread awareness and empower individuals and their communities to engage in solutions towards a positive impact on climate change. We envision a world full of strong communities with equitable opinions and solutions for environmental protection and wildlife conservation.

who we are

We are a team of individuals who are passionate about environmental protection and wildlife conservation. With in-house expertise in animal welfare, organic farming and a real love for the planet, the team at ‘The Air Foundation’ aims to educate and assist communities on tackling climate change and protecting wildlife.

our people


Roasie Virq

co-founder & director

A Marketing & Communications professional, Roasie has more than 23 years of corporate experience. A Paul Harris Fellow, she is Past President and District Representative of the Rotaract (Rotary International) District 3012. Roasie’s biggest passion is animal welfare and saving the planet, an ardent Animal Rights Activist, she spends all her spare time looking after strays and championing their cause. She also runs @13StepsOrganic an organic farm in the lower Himalyas, which also provides home to many rescued animals.



Ishan Arora

co-founder & director

A lawyer by education, marketer by profession. Ishan started his career as a corporate lawyer in 2011. In 2016, after quitting his law practice, Ishan launched his own design and marketing firm. He is currently the CEO of Socioar and Printmaker Media Private Limited. With almost a decade of work experience, he possesses exceptional leadership qualities and has the resources to motivate and mobilise people over an issue, and plan and execute projects/programmes with special emphasis on global warming, climate crisis and environmental protection.


Sethu Vaidyanathan


Sethu Vaidyanathan is a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, and a die-hard vegan. He comes with decades of experience in the corporate world and has invested and funded dozens of successful start-ups all over the globe. In addition to identifying and investing in up and coming social entrepreneurs, his life’s work is to create a sustainable future where all living beings can exist peacefully with mutual love and respect. Sethu has founded the Chennai chapter of the People for Animals, is a trustee at the Ahimsa Trust, a trustee at the Chennai Photo Biennale, and a trustee at the Indian Track Foundation.


Twinkle Khan

Legal Advisor

Twinkle Khan is an advocate by profession but gave up her corporate job to dedicate herself to the cause of Animal Welfare three years ago. She now fights for the rights of the voiceless and is our in-house legal expert. Twinkle is also a registered Animal Feeder with Animal Welfare Board of India and works tirelessly for the community animals. 


Karan Bhardwaj

Legal Advisor

Karan Bhardwaj is an advocate by profession with litigation practice in diverse fields of  Law. He has been representing clients in various courts and tribunals across Delhi NCR in criminal, civil as well as service matters.  Being an inherent nature lover he works for the cause of biodiversity representing the cause of the planet and its other voiceless inhabitants. 

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